Touchten Games is an Indonesian mobile game developer company founded in 2009 by Anton Soeharyo, Roki Soeharyo, and Dede Indrapurna.

Anton, the CEO of Touchten Games, created his first game when he was studying in Japan. The game was developed together with his brother, Roki and his cousin, Dede. Since early age, Anton always likes playing game, so do his brother and cousin. It was natural for them to create game together, he said. Therefore, the company was built on a vision to change the world into a better place through its games, just like how they first came up with the idea of starting this company.




It’s highest achievement up until today is reaching the Top 10 Rank in the iOS App Store in 43 countries with Infinite Sky. Other than Infinite Sky, some of the company’s highlighted titles are Ramen Chain, Cute Kill, Amazing Cupid, and Teka Teki Saku. Among the titles, Sushi Chain has reached more than 3 million downloads.

In 2015, Touchten Games has also collaborated with 9GAG to develop 9GAG’s first game ever, Redhead Redemption. In the same year, Touchten Games also worked together with Bravewave and ask Manami Matsumae, the legendary music composer of Megaman to compose a song for their upcoming game, Target Acquired.



Touchten has core values that each of the member has to keep in their mind as long as their working at Touchten.






Anton said that it is what makes Touchten what it is now.


Today, Touchten team consist of more than 30 dedicated personnel and is still growing in size. Many of the team members have experience in working for large foreign gaming companies. Anton said that it is not easy for those talented game developers to develop original game titles at foreign companies, but at Touchten all the team members have the right to speak up their opinion and it really counts to create one great game. All the members love to spend their times together also. The environment of Touchten’s studio also supports the team to work comfortably and creatively.