One day, Pega was wondering through the forest with Daisycoat. They were ambushed by these monsters. Pega knocked unconscious finally woke up. Pega lost DaisyCoat! The monsters are keeping her captive. Pega determined to save Daisycoat and set of on an adventure to defeat all the monsters in his path and rescue her.

An Exciting classic endless shmups.

Collect coins to get upgrades for pega and make him stronger.

Challenge friends there on leaderboards.

Are you skilled enough to help Pega on his adventure.


  • Endless classic shmups
  • Awesome Pegacorn mode!
  • Multiple enemy barrage
  • Bosses fight!
  • Upgrades to help you through your journey
  • Leaderboards
  • Boss fights
  • Ponies!

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