Intern Level Designer

Educational Background

Major in IT / Art / video game development or equivalent.

  • Create compelling Solitaire Tripeaks levels based on the vision of the game designer.
  • Continuously improve and balance the levels and arrangements based on data.
  • Collaborate with game designer to propose new mechanics to be implemented in the levels.
  • Work with teams throughout development to help create levels that meet team expectations.
  • Play builds of games in-progress and provide prioritized, constructive feedback.
  • Research subject matter relating to the competitors' levels / mechanics to ensure the of the best Solitaire Tripeaks gameplay experience.
  • Perform any other related tasks.
Skills & Knowledge
  • Practical understanding of the level design process.
  • Quick to adapt to company proprietary tools.
  • Knowledge of using Unity engine is a plus.
  • Absolute passion for playing Solitaire Tripeaks and other card based video games.
Soft Skills
  • Fluent of spoken and written English
  • Excellent communication skills and abilities to work efficiently within a team.
  • Must work creatively in a demanding technical environment.
  • Well Organized.