Junior 2D Artist

Educational Background

Any Bachelor degree, preferrably in art major

Work Experience

Minimum 1 year experience in game industry - or equivalent capacity - in 2D game development is a big plus

Task and Responsibilities
  • Creating high quality game assets from concept phase to renders.
  • Design and create high quality game assets (characters, props, sprite, UI, and animation assets).
  • Create marketing and supporting visual materials.
  • Follow the team's art direction and open to constructive feedback.
  • Proactive in raising issues when facing them. Able to suggest solution to other artist's work is a big plus
  • Involve in internal art quality review.
  • Report to Lead Artist and Art Director for art task progress.
Skills & Knowledge
  • Good knowledge and skills in Adobe Photoshop
  • Wide range portfolios in sketching, concept art, 2D render, and comic
  • Experienced in developing game visual effect assets
  • Experience in animation is a plus
  • Experience working and communicating closely with developers
  • An eagerness to learn new technical skills
Soft Skills
  • Fluent of spoken and written English
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work with tight deadlines and pressures
  • Great team player