Narrative Designer

Educational Background

Diploma of College Studies in scriptwriting, literature, filmmaking or video games is a plus;

Work Experience

Min. 1 year of experience as a Game Designer

Task and Responsibilities
  • Support and work together with Story Writer in creating descriptions and backstories for characters, locations, objects, events.
  • In collaboration with the Cutscene & Art team, define the flow of events in a quests, in complete detail; define the emotions targeted in each situation; elaborate on all elements that enhance the quality of the experience, including dialogues, timing of events, decorations etc.
  • Support the Game Design & Art team in defining systems and structures to support the game experience throughout the entire game, not just during story-driven moments.
  • Coordinate the work of Story Writer, Voice Actors, and Sound Engineer related to voice over recording and implementation in the game (including choosing the best voice variants for the cutscenes).
  • Support the Game Design team in choosing themes and backstory for Live Ops and other life-cycle events.
  • Support the Cutscene team in reviewing storyboards and cutscene implementation in the build.
  • Describe narrative situations, create documents defining their content and their role in the course of the game.
Skills & Knowledge
  • Experience in the video game industry;
  • Experience in writing quests for story driven games is a plus; 
  • Good understanding of video games;
  • Good understanding of video games;
Soft Skills
  • Fluent of spoken and written English
  • Organizational skills;
  • Ability to collaborate and respond to feedback in a mature and timely manner;
  • Creativity.