Senior Spine Animator

Educational Background

Any Bachelor degree, preferrably in art major

Work Experience

Minimal 3 years of experience as 2D Animator

Task and Responsibilities
  • Animate a picture by binding it to a bone (2D rigging).
  • Output animation data for use in games.
  • Rich imagination, good character expression, good sense of rhythm and strong desire to perform, can produce animations according to requirements.
  • Partner with the Game Designer, Developer and Art Director to ensure team meets business needs.
  • Effectively plan and manage project time, can complete animation efficiently and in high quality within the specified project time.
Skills & Knowledge
  • Expert in 2D animation
  • Very good animation skills with tools such as Spine, Dragon Bones or other skeletal 2D animation tools
  • Wide portfolio of 2D animation in games
  • Proven experience of the entire game development process, from pitch to finished product
  • Knowledge of Unity, particularly its UI system & Spine plugin is a huge bonus
Soft Skills
  • Fluent of spoken and written English
  • Comes with talent for performance and has passion for animation and games
  • Good team adaptability and communication skills, dare to be creative, like to communicate, and meet various challenges
  • Able to adapt to team's culture; open to feedback and giving feedback, cheerful personalities, and sense of humor
  • An eagerness to learn new technical skills
  • Able to work with tight deadlines and pressures
Other Requirements
  • Please provide a Demo Reel showing off your proficiency in 2D skeletal animation, using the Mesh tool and visual effects animation