Senior Unity Technical  Artist

Educational Background

Any Bachelor degree, preferrably in IT major

Work Experience

Minimal 3years of experience as Technical Artist

Task and Responsibilities
  • Collaborate with artists, designers and engineers to build features and solve creative and technical problems for our games.
  • Manage, integrate, and optimize art assets to run efficiently on mobile platforms.
  • Designing and implementing the ‘Unity layer’ which links the art and animation of the game artists to the functionality of the programmers’ underlying codebase.
  • Constructing games within Unity, including the use of Unity UI, in accordance with our in-house technical workflow.
  • Maintain and improve efficiency of the existing asset pipeline and workflows.
  • Creating animations, particle effects and custom shaders when necessary.
  • Supporting and mentoring game artists on technical issues.
Skills & Knowledge
  • Experienced in developing game visual effects and graphic post-processing.
  • Expertise in the Unity engine and Unity UI in particular.
  • Proficient in C#. Shader language proficiency is a huge bonus.
  • Experience of different architectural approaches to building a game in Unity, especially with regards to making it possible for multiple disciplines (art, animation, audio) to work independently in the engine.
  • A drive to solve problems in a thoughtful, elegant way.
  • The drive to proactively clean up or fix unoptimised assets and knowing when to do so.
  • Experience working closely with programmers, and the ability to communicate technical information to them remotely.
  • Experience working with Git and knowledge of its best practices.
  • Unity Editor scripting ability and the ability to write clean, performant C# code when necessary is a big plus.
Soft Skills
  • Fluent of spoken and written English
  • Passion for playing and making games 
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work with tight deadlines and pressures
  • Great team player